The Real Night Out

The Real Night Out

The real and rather late (by one day) Valentine’s Day celebration with the people who really matter. I’m not just saying this since I’m pretty single this year, but I’d choose these people over any girl in the world. I had a really chill time.


“She let me kiss…

She let me kiss her, and I thought it was this incredible gift. Now I know it wasn’t. I realized it didn’t mean anything to her. I don’t think she ever loved anybody. I don’t think she knew how. She just collected love from other people. She broke my heart. I mean, really. Like I could hear it crack inside me.

Emily Fields (Pretty Little Liars)


Ninong Talk: Crossing Out the List

From my point of view, alam kong tibo lang ako, masculine ako at lumaki akong ganito kaya kahit kailan hindi ko mararamdaman yung side ng babae when I’m in a relationship. But what I don’t understand is bakit ang daming shit ng mga babae tulad nitong post ni Anne Curtis, telling boys how they should treat their girlfriends? Sorry ha, I don’t intend to offend anybody, just hear me out. I mean, it’s all over Tumblr, Twitter, and most especially Facebook. Things like: hold my hand, kiss me in the rain, text me at 3AM and tell me you love me, and when I’m quiet, I want you to talk to me. Things like that. Gusto ko lang malaman kung bakit. Sorry, medyo napupuno na kasi ako eh.

First of all, men are aware of what most people call girl logic. It refers to this elusive characteristic of a girl to be unpredictable and most of the time, difficult to read. They’re, or we’re, aware that these are the things that simply make girls, girls. Ganyan kayo eh, and sometimes these qualities make you adorable. So we live with them, so we can show you how much we care. What I don’t understand is despite this, women still want more.

Second is the way you post these things. You post them on social media sites whether you have a boyfriend or not. I mean, you’re girls. Most of the time, boys can’t read all of these posts about how they should treat you, so they won’t be able to do anything about it. So instead of posting things like these, why don’t you tell them straight up how they want to treat you? This now leads to my next point: If you really love your man, why would you want more out of him? Why would you try to change him by making him do these things or at least making him feel obligated to? If he really loves you, he’ll show you his own way. He doesn’t have to feel like he has to follow a certain set of rules para lang pakiligin ka, kasi kung mahal mo talaga siya, isn’t he more than enough?

This is a fantasy. I think this list of things boyfriends should do for their girls to make her feel special were written by people who watch too many romance novels and films. Well here’s a reminder: life is not a movie. You’re never gonna date a superhero. I mean, even superheroes can’t do this shit.

Maybe may nakalimutan pa ‘kong sabihin dito, but I think I pointed out everything I wanted to. Now the reason I said all of these things is para matauhan din naman ang mga gumagawa ng ganitong mga listahan. Girls, simple lang naman ang gusto ng mga lalake galing sa inyo. May nakita na ba kayong lalake na nagpost ng ganitong kalokohan? May gumawa na ba ng list ng mga bagay na dapat gawin ng mga babae para sa mga boyfriend nila? Kung meron man, trip trip lang. Most of the time, ganito ang laman: make me a sandwich, buy me a PS4, do my laundry. But it’s all in good fun. I just want you girls to think about this for a second, and if you have a boyfriend, I want you to appreciate what and who he is. You really don’t need to change him.

There. I’ve said my piece.

Ninong Talk: Crossing Out the List