Holy Shit

Holy Shit

Holy Week pretty much went by more quickly than most weeks I had to go through, probably because I slept through most of it. The first half, though, comprised of our Computer Engineering seniors’ two-day field trip to a lot of places in mostly Central Luzon, which I really can’t recall that well anymore since it has already been days since it happened.┬áStill, I had a great time. It’s the last time my colleagues and I can hang out like that as students.

But what really kept bugging my mind this week is holy shit. Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit. And by that, I mean, “Holy shit, I’m gonna graduate.”

I mean, can you imagine me, Ram, the loudmouthed, brutally frank, poor excuse of a human being, going out and being an engineer and even aspiring to study law? Goddamn. I am in way over my head. I jacked off all throughout college and now they’re letting me leave. I can’t imagine doing anything else other than smoke, insult people, crack dirty jokes and just basically slack off. Well, that’s actually what I did during my internship and that worked pretty well for me.

But I just can’t believe it. Holy shit. If all goes well, I’m gonna graduate, and I’m so scared and excited at the same time. And I just can’t think of anything to say but, well…

Holy shit.