Ninong Talk: “SMP”

Let’s tackle a certain matter that also managed to finally tick me off the way those lists from yesterday did. You see, a few years back, some fad rose and appealed to Filipino, especially the teens, called SMP, which originally meant Samahan ng Malamig ang Pasko (Cold Christmas Society, roughly), until several parodies surfaced later. It refers to the people who are single during the Christmas season, thus making their Christmas cold. And that’s it. That’s how stupid and corny it is, and yet it stuck. I have no idea why, my fellow Filipino teens do tend to bewilder me and piss me off at the same time quite often, you see. Now, I can’t exactly remember where this shit started, but my memory keeps focusing on a local Coca-Cola commercial every time I try to remember where it came from. I’m not really sure.

The problem is how it has affected the mindset of my fellow Filipinos, especially those around my age, since it surfaced. Suddenly, because of this SMP thing, getting a girlfriend/boyfriend became so important to everybody during Christmas, most of the time just to prove a point, that their Christmas season won’t be as cold as others. God knows how many SMP posts I saw on Facebook this season. This causes them to forget the true spirit of Christmas, which doesn’t really have anything to do with puppy love and petty bullshit. I feel so insulted that people would stoop down to a mentality this dense that this makes even beavers fucking smarter than them. It has now become something that they live by every fucking Christmas. That’s what fucking Valentine’s Day is for, dumbasses. I mean, seriously. It’s Jesus’s birthday. It’s Christmas. We’re celebrating the birth of Christ and the spirit of giving, and yet all you can think about is getting some trophy girlfriend/boyfriend just so your holidays won’t be so fucking cold, which really doesn’t make sense to me. It never made any sense to me when it first came out, and it still hasn’t made sense to me now. It just pisses me off so much that I want to talk to each and every one of you and tell you one by one to go fuck yourselves, you retarded pieces of shit. You’re one of the reasons our country can’t prosper and is still considered insignificant by others. You are all a disgrace to the Filipino culture. You are the retards of this generation. And for that, I fucking hate all of you.

Ang landi landi niyong mga putang ina kayo. In fact, SMP should mean Samahan ng Malalanding Pinoy, because fuck you, that’s why.

Ninong Talk: “SMP”

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