Ninong Talk.

I’ve decided, since this blog is pretty much getting really dusty with my absence, and since my Christmas vacation has now begun, giving me a lot of time on my hands, I should at least try keeping it alive by coming up with some sort of little blogging series I’d like to call Ninong Talk.

What’s with the name Ninong Talk?
The term ninong is Filipino, meaning godfather. It’s something my best friend Meeku and I like to call ourselves, because now that we’re both old enough think so, we consider ourselves godfathers, at least in our school. I can’t quite explain it, but it first came out as an inside joke, which eventually turned into something we considered a way of living. In fact, this term has affected the two of us so much that we use it for a lot of stuff that we do, which includes Ninong Talk.

Why Ninong Talk?
You see, to the two of us, having Ninong Talks means participating in an intellectual exchange of ideas where one cannot leave without learning something from the other. Most of the time, we get a good laugh out of it, but at the end of the day, the things we say actually make sense. Usually Ninong Talks involve sharing advice and talking about our philosophies in life, especially when someone asks for them from us, or between the two of us ourselves. But we don’t give it to just anybody; we only participate in Ninong Talks with people ridiculously close to us, and people whom we think should be given decent advice. I mean, maybe it’s just us, but I guess we should have standards too. After all, having Ninong Talks won’t be as great as it is if it happened any time with just anybody.

How are you going to apply this to your blog?
Since most of my Ninong Talks with Meeku involve one particular subject every time we have them, and since the two of us learn so much from those subjects, I figured it would be nice if I shared some of them here, one topic at a time. This will also be a big help to me since it’ll tickle my interest in writing, and also because I haven’t written anything this long that actually made sense since… well, since. I’m actually excited about this. I think that through this series, my blog can go a long way. I’m not really looking for recognition, I’m just looking for a little fulfillment, especially since I love writing and I really want to remember the things Meeku and I talk about because I know eventually I’ll come looking for these things when I get older. I want something worthwhile to look back to, and this could be it.

How often will you be posting?
I will be posting on a regular basis, around once or twice a week, since I’m on vacation for two to three weeks, but after that I don’t think I’m gonna be posting as often since I’ll be back to school and I’ll be busy as fuck.

Ninong Talk.

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